About Us

VAULT Creative Arts are creators of extraordinary cultural events & unique creative opportunities for new & established artists throughout the UK and internationally. We exist to inspire people to fill their lives with creativity, and to use the arts as a catalyst for positive change. We are creators of The Glitch, a vibrant, artsy café, bar & creative space in the heart of Waterloo. Through our work, we aim to make the world we live and work in more accessible, more sustainable, more inclusive, and more creative for everyone. Our previous projects include the critically-acclaimed VAULT Festival, and its work in progress counterpart, A Pinch of VAULT, as well as a suite of extraordinary cultural events and creative opportunities. See our past projects here.

Our Mission & Values

Our Ethos

We strongly believe that culture is the heart of any community which seeks to thrive. The growth of our flagship event VAULT Festival was a testament to the fact that a huge number of artists and audiences shared that belief, and seek to expand their cultural horizons as creators, participants and beneficiaries of live performance in all its forms.

Collectively, we call our Purpose, Vision and Values our “ethos”. These core elements of VAULT Creative Arts, as codified in our Memorandum and Articles of Association, are the guiding principles by which all decisions are made. It is a key responsibility of the Board to make sure they are applied in practice as well as in principle.

Ethos Outline

  • Our Purpose is why we’re doing what we do in the first place.
  • Our Vision is where we’re aiming for. Our destination.
  • Our Mission is what we’re going to do to get to our Vision.
  • Our Values are how we’re going to get there and with whom.
  • Our Values In Action are the tools we’ll use to overcome challenges along the way.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to inspire people to effect positive change through creativity.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for a society and industry that is open, accessible, inclusive, and nourished. We believe that creativity can effect change, challenge us, and bring joy to our lives. We believe in creativity that is engaged in society, community, and politics and relevant to our times. We believe creativity is a source of discovery, growth, expression, adventure, and delight. We believe that participation in creativity must be relevant and accessible to everyone, creating a safe-space environment where artists and audiences feel welcome, surrounded by culture created by, and for, them.

Our Mission

To achieve our mission and vision, we will:

  • Inspire people to fill their lives with creativity, adventure, and vibrance; we will encourage everyone to grow, nurture, and celebrate their imaginations and ideas.
  • Create the most accessible, inclusive, and sustainable platform for people to create, innovate, discover, collaborate, explore, express, and achieve; we will work to remove historic and present day barriers; we will support the bravest and the boldest to push boundaries and redefine conventions.
  • Support people that truly represent the communities we serve; we will champion everyone’s individuality as well as the importance of communities and connection to create safe spaces where everyone feels welcome, respected, valued, and supported.
  • Effect positive change in the world and community we live in; we will work to make our community, industry, and world more accessible, more inclusive, more sustainable, and more welcoming through the work we do and present.
  • Act always with honesty, respect, & kindness.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty: being transparent, fair, and having courage in everything we do.
  • Respect: valuing and celebrating everyone’s individual perspectives, goals, and needs.
  • Kindness: supporting & helping people with patience, love, and understanding.

Supporters & Partners

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