VAULT Quests

VAULT Quests’ inaugural captivating clue hunt was ‘A Bridge Through Time’, a voyage that stretched from 1942 to 2022 and told the enthralling story of Waterloo in London.

Participants began by retracing the footsteps of the women who had built Waterloo Bridge during World War II, before meandering through the Festival of Britain and the cultural revolution of the Southbank.

Fusing fascinating facts with a narrative of espionage, warring families, and extraordinary bravery, VAULT Quests warmly welcomed explorers to explore the rich history of London and cross ‘A Bridge Through Time’.

VAULT Quests was written by Naomi Westerman, a prolific playwright and theatremaker, co-founded the esteemed disabled fringe theatre company Little but Fierce and has earned acclaim for her work showcased at renowned venues like the Royal Court, Bush Theatre, and West End.